Our Practice

Dr. Subramanian and his team always practice a patient-centered philosophy. The patients’ needs are always put first. Following a consultation, the patient will be informed about the best possible option. We are always striving to make our office a comfortable and pleasant place to be.

The patient-doctor relationship is built upon mutual trust and communication. Dr. Subramanian will explain the condition identified and suggest recommendations based on the diagnosis and needs of the patient. In some situations, no endodontic treatment is recommended.

We will work as a team with your general dentist’s office to provide you with the best care possible.

Our staff will explain all costs and work to maximize any insurance benefits.

The core team of Central Ohio Root Canals are highly trained and dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care possible. The entire process from the first phone call to secure an appointment to the completion of necessary treatment and follow-up care are taken care of at the highest level possible. The team works together with focus on clear communication and compassion in rendering the care for our patients. The team members are constantly participating in continuing education programs to improve their knowledge and stay current.

State of the Art Technology

Central Ohio Root Canals is equipped with the latest technology and Dr. Subramanian is highly trained in the use of these available technologies to provide optimal care at the highest level to our patients.

Surgical Operating Microscope

Dr. Subramanian uses the microscope for all procedures in our practice. The microscope provides enhanced visibility and magnification with increased illumination to be able to provide care with the best possible outcomes. Operating microscopes are necessary to provide the highest level of care possible with significant advantages:
  • Magnified Image Increased Precision
  • Improved Illumination Improved Visualization

Magnified Image

Microscopes provide 3x to 27x magnification with the ability to change views with a simple turn of a dial. Microscopes offer a deeper depth of field view and a wider field of view than traditional dental loupes.

Increased Precision

The increased magnification allows the endodontist to access small, narrow canal opening without unnecessarily removing tooth structure. Debris that must be removed from the root canal before filling the root canal space is also more easily identified.

Improved Illumination

When magnification is used, the available light is spread out and the image appears darker. To compensate for this, an LED light is mounted directly on the microscope head and provides a bright, white light.

Improved Visualization

Endodontists can only treat what they can see. The microscope lens can be placed directly over the patient’s mouth without any additional discomfort.